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Some time when we want to comuinicate with a friend we don’t know how and what to start 🙂 , I have  tip and trick how to start conversation, actully I copy from some webpage and make a little bit custom, hopefully it can applicable with our daily activity, here they come:

  • Start a conversation

When you want to speak to somebody, start by asking “Yes or No” questions. Use questions such as “Do you like to blah blah blah?” or “Can you blah blah blah?” or “Have you ever blah blah blahed?”.
Remember your goal. You are trying to find the other person’s interests. Think about things you enjoy and try to find some common ground with the person you chat with.

  •  Keep a conversation going

Listen carefully. In that way, you can get to know somebody as an individual, not just as an online speaking partner. When you know them well, you will have more to talk about.
Ask follow up questions. After you listen, use what you hear to learn more about that person. Especially use “open ended” questions, such as “What do you like most about blah blah blah?” or “What was the most interesting experience you’ve had while blah blah blahing?”.

Share your own experiences to show you have similar interests and attitudes. If you only ask questions, you will sound a bit like a policeman! Let other people know about you, too.

  • Basic Guidelines

Be patient. Do not try to find one best friend right away. Instead, meet many people so that you can see who you really enjoy talking to and who enjoys talking to you. That way, you can really build a friendship that will last a long time.
Be polite. Avoid controversial topics, for example politics and religion, at least at the beginning. Later, when you know somebody better, you can start to talk about their opinions on such topics, but even after you know them, you should do it slowly and carefully!

That’s all, I hope this article can make your chat better and fun.

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