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If you want to give color to your life, use various language such as sundanese, indonesian, english, french, or japan.

For example if we want to say thanks to some one, it’s nice to say mercy or camsia or Arigatō or nuhun. another example  if we want to ask something like where is the post office we can say, ai est la poste ? la poste est sur la rue asia afrika, or if we will ask someone whether he is live in sarijadi we can ask, est-ce que vou habitez a sarijadi? 🙂 and so on, a litte bit strange indeed

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Plan Do Evaluate

I used to make planning every morning, something like to do to day.. this plan help me giving  direction for what target for day, but sometimes I didn’t  do this … , because I don’ have time for making this (lazy)

But I try my best making this every time.

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One Step Behind

Ever think that you are different from the other ?, ok, if you want to feel like that, try to make every little thing different , for instance fasting, this good for our health and concentrate. You know that not every body can do fasting, if you can do this it means you are difference, believe me you will one step behind them..

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Finally I found the term for better trick to play the game at my favorite sport gocha.. . Next week I will try this recipe at the tournament.. hopefully will run success and every thing are ok. let’s see.

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