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In daily conversation some time we need some conjunction to make our sentence more meaningful and more beautiful 🙂 . If we talk front of audience that watch us continually, how to make our information more impressive and fun .

It’s good to make our speech consist of assembly of sentence and word. Conjunction is very important regarding this objective. Kind of conjunction that can be used by us is moreover / furthermore and however / nevertheless . What is the difference between those? . Moreover and furthermore is used when we want to talk about additional info as make our sentence strong in meaning, for example He is very kind to every body, moreover he is expert in pingpong. Another example, Tangkuban Perahu mountain is very beautiful furthermore the air is very fresh. We us moreover in informal and furthermore in formal.

How about the however/nevertheless ,  actually those conjunction is used when we want to talk about something opposite from one sentence with another, for example I know him so well however sometime I find something new from him. Another example, He is very smart in making java coding nevertheless in this script he is wrong to make logic.

Those conjunction above are very useful for us (in my opinion) when we talk with along information front on audience.

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Idul Fitri always the indentic with long holiday, almost every body go outside from town to go some where for a while and come back when then should start working again.

The problem is when they should start working in the middle of the week at thursday for example, we can make sure that a half of them take a cuti and start working in the beginning of the week. It’s means that on friday, no so much people sell a food for lunch due to a half of them still a vacation 🙂

It’s happen in my office yesterday, it’s hard to find food for lunch, so some of them search/eat food a rest of Idul Fitri food or cake.

But that’s ok, I am sure that next week will be a normal again.

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In this long holiday (Lebaran day), many people spend their time with various way regarding hobby and some importance thing to do. Some time long holiday if don’t have activity and not spend the time it’s boring to stay at home that’s way we have to make busy by self as long as it’s possible.

Doing sport, recreation and visiting family became an interesting activity in long holiday. Those activity make us refresh our body and mind.

For me my self sport it’s the best way to spend the time. Sport not just make me happy but also me my body fit, health and my me alway positive thinking. My sport is various, the most is Table tennis it’s called also Pingpong, second one is running which I can compete with my self in every running time, third one Touring with motorcycle where I can visit and enjoy new place especially visit a mountain and sea.

The most important thing is we have a positive activity to spend time and make every body happy and fun, so we can refresh our physical body  and mental health issue .

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Regarding to something that we want to explain to the audience, it’s true that there are relation between of writing skill and presentation skill. So that if I want to became a good presenter I have to learn about the writing skill it’s self.

Let’s begin, in globally writing divide into five part, first of all about the introduction, here explain about the background, formulation of problem, objective of writing, and border of solution problem. The Second part is the list of theory that will be come a tools for the solution. The third about the key word about the solution that will be implemented, The one before last is the technic or analysis about out solution. The last one is summary and the suggestion about our writing.

I think that’s All about the theory about the writing, hope that I can apply all of the theory in my field.





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